Why Take a Yoga Teacher Training?

Why Take a Yoga Teacher Training?

Taking a yoga teacher training gives you opportunities to grow and expand your life in several different ways.

Often times people embark on a yoga teacher training when they are ready to take their lives to the next level, much like a snake shedding an old layer of skin. This life transition can be precarious and uncertain. Friendships may be questioned and career choices might be re-evaluated. Doing this while simultaneously doing a Yoga teacher training (especially trainings that span over several months) has the added benefit of giving you tools to support you while making life changes. You also have the opportunity to connect with other like-minded people, and make close friendships that can last for years that support you in your journey.

You may embark in a yoga teacher training to become a full time yoga instructor. I would say that taking a 200 hour yoga training is the first step in your journey towards making a career as a yoga instructor. Other important steps can include honing in on the area of yoga instruction and population that you want to focus on, developing your own personal practice, continuing to take yoga classes, yoga workshops, and trainings. I have found that teachers that have a combination of private yoga clients and group yoga classes are the most successful in making a career as a yogi.

If you are looking to make a change of direction in life, doing a yoga teacher training can be an incredible tool. Learning about yoga in more depth can help you reconnect with yourself and your values. One of the reasons for this is because a training helps you take a pause from the hectic pace of life, slow down, reconnect with yourself, and gain a better understanding of who you are and what is important to you. I have seen many people make career shifts while taking a teacher training, or shortly after completing one. When taking a yoga teacher training and connecting with what is important to you as individual on an inner space oftentimes a shift happens in the external space that fit this new vibration and paradigm.

Another great reason to take a yoga teacher training is to gain a deeper knowledge and understanding of yoga. Group yoga classes are really only the tip of the iceberg in relation to what yoga is about. Most group classes include a centering at the beginning, a series of yoga movements and then a relaxation at the end with a little bit of breathing and pranayama interspersed. It is amazing what this class format of yoga can do for a person… it is also amazing that it really is only a sliver of what yoga is! Kosha Yoga’s teacher training dives deep into the philosophy and other aspects of yoga such as pranayama,meditation and the understanding of yoga poses. Most yoga teacher trainings are comprised of a combination of lectures and movement. The lecture classes give you an opportunity to dive deeper into yoga concepts that can really only be briefly introduced in a drop-in yoga class. Through readings, lectures and discussions, topics such as yoga philosophy, history and a deeper understanding of why yoga is so beneficial for the body can be unlocked. The yoga teacher training classes that focus on yoga postures can help you dive deep into individual yoga poses and give you a better awareness of how to practice the yoga pose to gain more benefit for your body (and other bodies as well).

Taking yoga teacher training also gives you the ability to teach yoga. When I teach yoga I oftentimes feel like I am facilitating in magic. Having the opportunity to guide people through movement, breath and awareness to a space of uplifted calm and peace is amazing. Watching people move their bodies better and gain better health physically and mentally by doing yoga is amazing and I feel honored that I am able to be a part of this process.

Taking a yoga teacher training can also be a great way to learn about pranayama and meditation and develop your own meditation practice. Pranayama and meditation are two parts of yoga that are not often practiced in a drop-in yoga class, however they are very much a part of the 7 limbed path of Hatha Yoga and the 8 limbed path of Ashtanga Yoga. In Kosha Yoga’s teacher training we teach different meditation and pranayama (breathing) techniques early in the training. We also meditate almost weekly in our evening classes. Doing this over 8 months is a great way to establish the foundation and roots for a meditation practice. Oftentimes students new to meditation have many questions about their practice, being able to meet every week and discuss these questions and concerns is a boon to one’s practice. You will discover you are not alone in your struggles with starting meditation and you will also gain the benefit of meditating in a group setting.

Taking a yoga teacher training is also a great way to take care of yourself. Yoga is an amazing tool for healing and transformation, and when you commit to taking a 200 hour course you have committed to take 200 hours to nourish yourself.

~Carrie Searles Odom

Owner and Co-Teacher of Kosha Yoga’s 200 hour Yoga Teacher Program

About Carrie: Carrie started practicing yoga in her early teens and has been teaching yoga for over 20 years. She opened Kosha Yoga Studio in Littleton Colorado in 2010. She has been trained in Yoga Teaching, Yoga Therapy, and Ayurveda at the Rocky Mountain institute of Yoga and Ayurveda in Boulder, CO. She has also studied Structural Yoga Therapy with Mukunda Stiles. She loves to teach a calm style of yoga class where breath, awareness, and longer holds to yoga postures are incorporated.

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