Taking Kosha Yoga’s Teacher Training as a Way to Heal from Grief

My name is Kelly Stahlman and I’ve raised three sons and lost two. My twin sons passed 17 months apart at 21 and 23 years old.  Mark and Eric were 1 lb, 14 oz, and 2 lbs, 15 oz, they were born 12 weeks prematurely. Both boys were medically fragile and had cerebral palsy, complete with two feeding tubes, two wheelchairs, oxygen and a speech computer. Mark had a Stephen Hawking body w/ a Drew Carey sense of humor. Eric was passionate about Rockies baseball and his fiancé!  When Mark passed, I focused on Eric w/ his coping and his ability to live life fully, while coping with my own grief.  When Eric passed, life change exponentially.

Where there had been love, chaos and constant caregiving, suddenly there was stillness.  Where my arms and our home had been full, now they were empty

As a strategy to make sense of my life and to try to figure out how to recover from grief, I first took Kosha Yoga’s Deepening My Yoga Practice, the first part of their Yoga Teacher Training (YTT). Half way through, I knew I was really onto something!  I decided to take the full training.

While never intending to teach, I knew I had to MOVE and that YTT would be a safe place for peace and growth.  Much to my surprise, my recovery tool has grown into so much more.  I describe YTT as wisdom, spirituality, anatomy, quantum physics and exercise!  It’s been a place to rebuild my broken heart and exhausted body.  To learn how to rethink, when my grief brain short circuited.  And to feel the energy of pranayama, which can be interpreted as a life force or the Holy Spirit, but let’s me know that my sons are in a good place, and that I can find happiness again.

My hope is that anyone thinking about taking YTT will simply jump in and experience how Yoga can enhance your daily life, enhance your relationships and bring increased stamina, endurance, health and wellness to your body.

Kosha Yoga’s Teacher Training program



Kosha Yoga offers a 200 hour yoga teacher training program in Littleton Colorado. It is an eight-month journey to discover your own yoga style and develop your voice to lead, guide, and share your experience in an authentic and meaningful way.We work in small groups of less than 12 people, which provide you with unparalleled access to lead teachers during the program and ongoing mentorship and career advice well beyond program completion.

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