New to Yoga

Going to your first yoga class can oftentimes feel daunting and intimidating. However, taking your first yoga class with other beginners, who are also stepping into a yoga classroom for the first time can take the pressure off and make your experience more relaxed and enjoyable. Kosha Yoga’s Beginners Series is an excellent first step in your yoga journey! In this class you will learn the foundation of yoga alignment and philosophy.

We also recommend our Calm or Moderate level classes as a good first class for yoga beginners.

Kosha Yoga also offers a 6 Week Yoga Beginners Series. This series takes place at the same day and time for six weeks. Click here to see when the next series starts!


Have questions? Nervous about trying your first yoga class? Please contact Terri.

She is our Yoga Coordinator at Kosha Yoga and is here to help you find the right class.

Studio: 720- 287-3354
Direct: 303-668-8261

About Terri:

I have been teaching and practicing yoga for over ten years and there is nothing more I would rather do than yoga. Yoga brings me inner peace, it allows me find the quiet spaces in-between the thoughts in my mind. Yoga reminds me to live life with humility and without judgment. No matter what each day offers, yoga puts a smile on my face and love in my heart.

I love to help others find their yoga path. I am here to help connect you to classes and teachers that best suit your wants and needs.

Please feel free to contact me should you have any question, I am happy to assist you.
Kosha Yoga’s Beginners Series is an excellent first step in your yoga journey!