A Human Walking Around on this Planet- Choosing to take the Yoga Teacher Training at Kosha Yoga

My decision to enroll in the Yoga Teacher Training at Kosha was an easy one- at first. I had started by signing up to do Part 1 of the training which was called, “Deepening Your Practice”. It is not uncommon for people to only attend the first part of the training as a way to simply learn more about yoga and go, well, deeper. At this point, I had only been practicing yoga for a year and had begun to notice the benefits of attending regular yoga classes so I wanted to cultivate a more meaningful practice for personal growth. I knew to do this I would need to go beyond just my weekly classes and the first section of the teacher training seemed like the avenue to do that. However, I didn’t want to be a yoga teacher. Like every other human walking around this planet, I had a life. A life that I liked very much actually, with a husband, two children, a business, school, activities etc. For me, taking a training program to be certified in teaching yoga was not at the top of my list.  Part 1 of the training would be sufficient in appeasing my “yoga curiosity”.  Well, at least that is what I thought.

As I said, the decision to take the first part of the teacher training was easy. It was fun and interesting and it was only once a week with a Saturday class, which I found to be a reasonable commitment. I really enjoyed learning about the many layers of yoga and I began to apply the things I had learned to my everyday life, such as meditation and breathing techniques. I found myself going home after class and looking up videos on various topics we had discussed to learn more and was reading ahead in the manual. I would learn of one principle and that would only increase my desire to inquire more.

Then, it ended. The first part of the training that is. I was sad. I wanted to keep learning more and I felt like I had gained momentum in discovering something new and useful that was surely just going to fizzle out now that the first part of the training program had come to a close. Again, like every other human walking around on this planet, I was always busy with my responsibilities, crossing one thing off the list and moving onto the next. I just wasn’t planning on continuing with the program so I didn’t know if it was even reasonable to consider. I liked using my brain and body to grow. It felt really good to be learning something new, and not just that but something that made me feel like a better mother, wife, volunteer, friend- just a better “me”.

So, how on earth could I make the remaining seven months of teacher training happen? What once felt like a “fun and interesting” thing to do by growing my personal practice, now felt selfish and unnecessary. The time commitment was much more than in the first section of teacher training and I would need to find childcare on many of those days. Also, the financial investment was more than I had thought. If I didn’t want to teach, then why would I continue? The decision to move on with the training was becoming increasingly stressful to the point that deciding not to do it at all and being rid of the anxiety of how I was going to make it all work would have been a relief in and of itself.

After a lot of back and forth, encouragement from family and friends and discouraging thoughts of my own in the name of “practicality”, I decided to keep going and continue with the teacher training. At the very least, I knew taking the leap felt better than not leaping at all. There will never be a time where I feel free of obligation. I need to open myself up to the opportunity that is in front of me and just take it.  I like the things I am learning, I like the person I am becoming, it is even easier to live in my own head. So why would I not continue? I am developing my personal practice but besides that, I have no expectation as to what this training will lead to. For me, I think an expectation would tarnish my experience. I have learned that the journey of a yoga practice is endless and I find that so comforting and at the same time, motivating. I have realized, for myself, growth is vital and at this time, my growth is through yoga. There is value in a space where we are training ourselves to listen and learn and to be present. Through yoga, I am  learning how to live my life in a more deliberate way, as a human walking around on this planet.

– Sarah McCabe-Wiley


Ego says, “Once everything falls into place, I’ll feel peace.”

Spirit says, “Find your peace, and then everything will fall into place.”

– Marianne Williamson

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