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Yoga off the Mat

There is more to yoga than just postures. Come here to read about the other aspects of yoga.

A Human Walking Around on this Planet- Choosing to take the Yoga Teacher Training at Kosha Yoga

My decision to enroll in the Yoga Teacher Training at Kosha was an easy one- at first. I had started by signing up to do Part 1 of the training which was called, “Deepening Your Practice”. It is not uncommon for people to only attend the first part of the training as a way to… Continue Reading

An Experience of Taking a Yoga Teacher Training to Learn More About Yoga

Yoga Teacher Training was the beginning, middle, and end of things. Or was it the end, the middle, and the beginning? Or perhaps it was the end, moving into the beginning, yet it has somehow always been in the middle of things? Relax. Take a breath. Begin to let the cares of the day slip… Continue Reading

When Things Fall Apart

Pema Chodron wrote a wonderful book called “When Things Fall Apart.” As I look around in this tense political climate after the election I have noticed that there is a lot of chaos and uncertainty, and a lot of her teachings can be very helpful during this time, she encourages us: “To stay with that… Continue Reading


As Terri taught our last Yoga in the Park class for the season, she asked us to hold the intention of gratitude throughout the class. She continually drew our attention back to finding yet another thing that we were grateful for. I was surprised how many things I take for granted. I was also surprised… Continue Reading

Colorado Yoga in Politics- Gov’t Regulation of Yoga Teacher Trainings

Many of you may have read in the news about how the Department of Occupational Schools wants to regulate yoga teacher training. I have sat in on several meetings regarding this issue and am familiar with the licensing process they want to mandate. As a yogini in the community for over 20 years I can say… Continue Reading