When Things Fall Apart

Pema Chodron wrote a wonderful book called “When Things Fall Apart.” As I look around in this tense political climate after the election I have noticed that there is a lot of chaos and uncertainty, and a lot of her teachings can be very helpful during this time, she encourages us: “To stay with that… Continue Reading

What are the differences between Yoga Teacher Trainings?

What are the differences between Yoga Teacher Trainings? Over the course of my yoga teaching career I have taken three different Yoga Teacher Trainings as well as several workshops and classes. Here is my experience from taking different Yoga Teacher Trainings, and my thoughts on each one. Everyone sets out to take a yoga teacher… Continue Reading


Pose of the Month: SHOULDER STAND (SARVANGASANA) Shoulder Stand can help alleviates the common cold; it strengthens the respiratory system; improves digestion and reduces strain on the heart.  It helps balance the thyroid and hypothalamus glands; soothes the nervous system; simulates the throat chakra; helps relieve insomnia and more. Begin lying on your back with… Continue Reading

Lion’s Breath (Simhasana)

Kosha Yoga Pose of the Month, LION’S BREATH (SIMHASANA) Lion’s Breath Improves circulation in the blood to the and promotes healthy eyes.  It relieves stress and tension and can help prevent upper repertory problems. From a kneeling position sitting on your heals, crossing right ankle over left ankle. Place your hands on your thighs, straighten… Continue Reading


POSE OF THE MONTH – BOAT POSE (PARIPURNA NAVASANA) Boat Pose strengthens the abdominals and improves digestion; it helps regulate the thyroid and prostate glands.  It stretches the hamstrings, strengthens the spine and hip flexors; improves poster and aids in stress relief. How to: From a seated position with bent knees and feet flat on… Continue Reading


Rabbit Pose increases mobility and elasticity of the spine and back muscles; it increases the fresh blood and oxygen flow to the nervous system.  Rabbit relieves tension in the neck and shoulders; it helps alleviate colds and sinus problems. The compression rejuvenates the thyroid and parathyroid glands which helps stimulates your wake sleep cycle.  It… Continue Reading