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Let Go of Your Ego

It’s the last week of the Challenge.   I signed up for the Platinum level of the challenge. The challenge became more of a challenge than I thought. At first, the challenge was attending classes I wasn’t used to attending. Secondly, it’s been a challenge attending classes with teachers I don’t know. You learn to… Continue Reading

Childs Pose, posture of the month

Balasana, Childs Pose – Pose of the month Balasana – (Child’s Pose) is a resting posture, it encourages a more powerful flow of prana (breathing). Balasana promotes relaxation and aides in balancing of Ajna the 6th Chakra. The Benefits of Child’s Pose: • Calms the mind and body • Helps alleviate stress and anxiety •… Continue Reading

Colorado Yoga in Politics- Gov’t Regulation of Yoga Teacher Trainings

Many of you may have read in the news about how the Department of Occupational Schools wants to regulate yoga teacher training. I have sat in on several meetings regarding this issue and am familiar with the licensing process they want to mandate. As a yogini in the community for over 20 years I can say… Continue Reading